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At Pizza House, we have an eye for good pizza. One of the finest takeaways in town, we are also proud to serve all of the surrounding areas. As you will see from our menu, we serve a variety of food such as pizzas, burgers, wraps, kebabs and more. We're passionate about serving our customers with nothing short of delicious and high-quality food, all of which is prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients, always to the highest standards. We encourage our customers to indulge in each of their favorite meals as we cater for all kinds of different tastes. Our bestsellers include a quarter pounder with cheese and orders of large cheesy chips. The chicken and the donner kebabs are also among our customer’s favorites. Our special offers include such delights as the Chicken Feast with a healthy mix of chicken kebab, chicken nuggets and chicken wings. Our Pizza Feast features two different-sized pizzas with its a drink and portion of chips. Don’t forget to check out our Kebab Feast with all different kinds of donner, shish and chicken to fill your every need. Our appetizers menu is uniquely ours and offers you a choice of a hummus dip or dolma to go with your amazing meal. For your main meal, you can choose between a small or a large kebab or you could just as easily go for one of the burgers. Our menu starts with a two ounce cheeseburger and ends with a mix burger of beef and chicken. In between, you'll find our Mega Chicken Burger, with not one, but two burgers and our delicious veggie and chili options. You can never go wrong if you decide to go for any of our pizzas. Our menu includes such classics as the Margherita, the Hawaiian, the Chicken and Mushroom or the Ham and Mushroom. We have added our own twists to the menu, such as the Spicy Vegetarian or the Meat Eater. Both our Cheese Lover and our BBQ Meaty also come highly recommended. We serve our pizzas in different sizes, that can go from seven to eighteen inches of pure cheesy goodness. 

About Pizza House

You can order any of your personal favorites online and have them delivered straight to your door. , by downloading our app either from google play or straight from the app store. Our come find us at 2 Magdalen St Eye IP23 7AJ.

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